AFL Beginning

Hello everyone, I’m here writing in the sunny and always beautiful Arizona.  6 months of baseball has been complete and now 2 more months of fun and intriguing games to be played. Thanks to all for the nice comments throughout my roller coaster year and especialy when I broke my jaw.  Always nice to read the comments on everyone I just did not know how or if I should have written about the injury. 

In the mean time, I am on the Scottsdale Scorpions just loaded with a ton of great ball players. From my experience last year in this league every team is loaded, but their is something different this year.  It seems as though in the week we have been together the team has clicked.  Instead of being just comfortable with your organization (Giants, White Sox, Brewers, Angels, and Diamondbacks), all of the guys seemed to have already mixed, making it a feeling of a possible successful team.

I am here not to just be here.  I am here to play, to win, and to prove to a lot of people that I can and will play at the next level. I might be the utility guy here but that doesnt mean I am not a forgotten, in the Fall League the organizations draft for positions and I was fortunate to land on a team to even play and get at bats.  Over the fall I will be keeping you guys posted on the progress we are making as a team and also my experiences.  Thanks again and cant wait to hear back.



    Hey Kevin,
    You had a great season this past year. You have really improved! I’m glad your jaw is better, and hope nothing like that happens ever again. You are truly an insperation. I went to the last Giants game of the season, and you got a start. I was so excited to come to the park and see that you were in the lineup. It made my day. Anyway, good luck in the AFL. It’s good to get some more practice in. By the way, congratulations on getting inducted into the San Jose State baseball hall of fame. That’s a great achivement. I can’t wait to hear how the AFL goes for you. It should be fun. Well I hope to see you next season!

    Natalee Righetti


    Hello Frannie. You know who this is. The Shadow. Hey what a great season you had. We up here in Lake Tahoe are very proud of you. As far as your future, its a Giant for life. I sure do miss you and all the other guys. I hear that you Travis, and Justin are on the Winter league team. Linda maybe through Scottsdale this winter but for sure we will chat before we come down. I e mailed you with some pics of the 2005 Champ Team. Say hello to all and lets chat soon. Its time to start the bus.
    Terry ” the Shadow ” Traylor


    Hey Kevin:

    I am a long time San Francisco Giant fan since 1962. I’ve seen em’ come, and I’ve seen em’ go. You are on your way, and I’m pulling for you. It would be nice to have a steady second baseman for years to come. I still miss Robby Thompson. With the possible departure of Ray Durham, it will leave the door wide open for you to get the shot at second.

    Best of luck to you in the fall league.

    Carl Glass

    Glass House Presents


    Yo Kevin, I am a hardcore Giants fan since 86. I moved to San Antonio in 2003 but I have still managed to make it to Minute Maid every time you guys play here. I hope they put you in the everyday lineup, as you are the future my friend. Good luck in the fall leagues and in the words of old school Roger Craig. “Hummmm Baby lets do it again”.


    Hey Kevin!
    Well to start off congrats on a great season and on making it in the San Jose State Hall of Fame. That is quite the accomplishment. You did great this year with the Giants, to bad we didn’t make it to the playoffs though. Anyways I hope you are having a great go at it playing with the Scorpions and hope to see you in the city by the bay next year. We love to see you play in your dirty uni! Good luck!



    Hey Kevin! First off, what a great season you`ve had this year. You were tremendous, thank you for proving everyone with doubts & showing what you really got. And that`s the love for the game & just playing. =) Heard you made it in the San Jose State HoF! Congrats to you! And if Ray Durham does leave, The door`s WIDE open for you =) can`t wait to see that dirty uniform of yours next season. Will you be at the FanFest? Good luck to you AFL and can`t wait to hear about it!



    Hey you’ve had a great rookie season! I hope you have a nice relaxing offseason. You play the game so well and have a good sport, so i like that in ball players. Anyhow take care of yourself! –Nikki



    You need to post a new blog from the start of this season.

    Good luck in the rest of the season!

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