October 2006

The First Week…

You know most people want to look at numbers or gameday box scores and criticize you when one goes ofer, whether its 0-3, 0-4, 0-5, even 1-4.  When you read box scores you dont know what happens.  I lined out, flew out deep, had a diving play against me and I am 0-3 and everyone wants to make assumptions.  To me here at the AFL it is not just about producing results.  Yes, its great to hit 400 in this league or a high 300 but for me being here I need(ed) to work on one thing, to be as patient/aggressive as possible.  For those who read these probably know every stat possible, they know that I got hit more than I walked this year. My patience at the plate was questioned because I only had a few walks.  The thing that people need to realize, when you are a hitter, a good hitter, you have a certain confidence that you can hit anything.  Thats where I ran into problems.

This fall I planned on coming here to prove I can walk, get my hits, but build up my OBP as a good 2 hitter would.  Yes its only been a week, but I have only played 3 games and have 4 walks. For me that makes me ecstatic, I am getting on base for those behind me who are the run producers and I’m doing it by being patient.  When you put your mind to something your determined to get better at  I really feel like results will show. 

The first week of this fall league showed a lot about our team and this league. Considering we have only played 5 games you can tell what its going to be like. Clutch hitting, good defense, and very good arms.  The Scottsdale Scorpions are loaded with offensive weapons and I feel we have the best arms in the league.  These guys throw hard, good movement, and have very good out pitches.  The Giants guys are playing great, with Billy Sadler, Pat Misch, and Justin Hedrick dominating out of the pen.  Freddy and Travis are playing well and just waiting to get back in that groove of playing everyday.  By the end of this thing I feel you guys will see some great things from the Giants and have much to look forward to from the group thats here.

Drop me some questions and hopefully I can write another blog soon and give you all more updates.

AFL Beginning

Hello everyone, I’m here writing in the sunny and always beautiful Arizona.  6 months of baseball has been complete and now 2 more months of fun and intriguing games to be played. Thanks to all for the nice comments throughout my roller coaster year and especialy when I broke my jaw.  Always nice to read the comments on everyone I just did not know how or if I should have written about the injury. 

In the mean time, I am on the Scottsdale Scorpions just loaded with a ton of great ball players. From my experience last year in this league every team is loaded, but their is something different this year.  It seems as though in the week we have been together the team has clicked.  Instead of being just comfortable with your organization (Giants, White Sox, Brewers, Angels, and Diamondbacks), all of the guys seemed to have already mixed, making it a feeling of a possible successful team.

I am here not to just be here.  I am here to play, to win, and to prove to a lot of people that I can and will play at the next level. I might be the utility guy here but that doesnt mean I am not a forgotten, in the Fall League the organizations draft for positions and I was fortunate to land on a team to even play and get at bats.  Over the fall I will be keeping you guys posted on the progress we are making as a team and also my experiences.  Thanks again and cant wait to hear back.