Finally….My First Blog

So I hope I find everyone in good health and having a great summer as July is near the end and the last few months of the season are near and playoffs are in our sights.

If one were to tell me I would have been traveling and playing in Las Vegas, Tuscon, Tacoma, Portland, Colorado Springs (twice), New Orleans, Oklahoma City, and Salt Lake I would have probably agreed with you.  But to tell me I would have had the privilege to play in San Francisco, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, New York, Florida, San Diego, and Denver, hitting off potential Hall of Famers and All Stars, and being in the lineup for one historic home run, I would have laughed in your face.

But that’s where I have been this year, 16 different cities, 13 different states, and hopefully many more to come.  From getting my first hit off Miguel Bautista, to fouling a batting practice ball off of Barry’s forehead, to hours of extra work in Fresno my year has been pretty amazing and hectic.

I can write forever so I am going to try to keep this simple and let the feedback I get let me know what I should write about.  I will talk a little about the experience of being an everyday ball player to being a bench player in the Big Leagues.

Now I am in the same shoes as many of the players today or what some of the guys have had to go through throughout their careers, not being an established everyday Major Leaguer. So to say my first call up was a surprise would be an understatement, but to add to that starting everyday would be my role up in the Big Leagues for 15 days would have been beyond my dreams.  That’s what I was fortunate enough to do play everyday for about 15 days and then got my first "demotion" back down to Fresno.  Met up with the team in New Orleans where I caught the same flight and sat next to Saints’ first pick Reggie Bush.  Was in Fresno for seven days before I got another call-up this time to be a bench player.

Now don’t get me wrong when I say bench player in the Major Leagues. I will say it was an honor but also one of the biggest learning experiences of my young baseball career.  Without the help and guidance from Todd Greene and Mark Sweeney, I would have been lost.  I latched on and tried to pick their brains, even being a little annoying at times to them.  But they were the first ones not to turn their heads away. Instead they came at me and taught me so much about the game.  Let’s be honest here, Mark Sweeney might be the game’s best pinch hitter.  That’s not a knock on him, rather it is a huge compliment, because what he does in my eyes as a pinch hitter is amazing.  He is aggressive when he gets that at-bat, but with a plan. He battles against the game’s best relievers, he comes up with clutch hits, home runs, walks, whatever it may be consistently.  That is the most glaring part of his game, off the bench he never gives in.  I was able to pick his brain a bunch to try to gain a little grasp of it, so I would be ready and be ready for those spot starts….

May 28, 2006 — four days after my 24th birthday — I found myself receiving a present from manager Felipe Alou: a start.  Now at this time one man, Barry Bonds, was standing at 714 home runs, the ballparks were filled and the fans were electric.  Well being one of those fans in that ballpark for years going nuts every time he was up, it was now even more surreal because I was not only in the dugout, but the lineup the same day he hit 715.  Byung-Hyun Kim gave up 715 and I will never in my lifetime hear a place louder and crazier than when he hit that line shot to right-center field. (Where, by the way, how do you let a ball hit off your chest and down to someone buying a hot dog? Come on.) The sound off his bat and the roar of the crowd has been embedded in my mind.  Champagne, toasts, pictures, and the memory of that day will always give me bragging rights to my buddies back home, all die-hard Giants fans, but I was there, and I was in the lineup.

A few days later the fantasy was over and I was back in Fresno.  An eight-day trip to Florida and New York, followed by the demotion and a 14-day road trip left me a little tired.  But at the end of the trip I found myself back in the League, as a bench player, but with a little more knowledge of what to do.

So three times I have been up — hopefully more to come. I have met the games best people: Todd Greene, Mike Matheny, Randy Winn, Mark Sweeney, and all the other Giants, to Craig Biggio, Michael Young, and Albert Pujols.  I have had great memories and learning experiences that continue to make me a better ball player.  I have one goal in mind and that’s to be an everyday Big Leaguer, and that will only come with time, patience, and opportunity….and I am very grateful for the opportunity the Giants have given me thus far.

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I was at your MLB debut. I was rooting for the D’Backs, but glad to see you get your first MLB hit because I wish all rookies well.

Your “demotion” was simply a roster space thing. You’ll be back for more than a cup of coffee.

But as long as you are in the minors, tell us about life there. e.g. how was it playing in NOLA after Katrina?


Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes

That should be a picture of you, not Bonds to end this post. 🙂 Really well done. I think you’ll add a really interesting perspective to MLBlogs! Hope you get the call to go back up soon. Welcome!


Nice post.

I didnt realize you were the guy who konked Barry. Did you endure any good natured gas from the guys about that, with Barry laying on the ground?

What I like to read is genuine human interest stuff; memorable places, food, characters, funny stories related to being a traveling, professional player – not necessarily on the field or game analysis, unless you’re adding something we dont get from TV or the papers.

And I’d much rather read this blog, which you clearly write, than something edited by one of David Wright’s handlers.

Welcome to MLBlogs and Good Luck to You!

Matt, I don’t know if that’s true about David Wright’s blog…but I DO agree that it’s much more fun to read a blog written from the heart. And having it be from someone in the thick of baseball makes it that much more special.

Kevin, its been so much watching you, me and Elesa and the parents keep calling eachother whenever we hear you are up (and with 3 huge giants fans as friends) I dont think I’ve missed a game. It was fun reading about your experience about 715, I was sitting in the bleachers and i agree, I couldnt have been yelling any louder… that place was a mad house. I was almost as excited when you hit that shot but fouled in left field. Anyway, Congrats on everything and good luck the rest of the season! Hope to see you soon.

-Ross Livingston

p.s. I forget who you were playing against, but awesome play diving for that grounder missed by the pitcher… almost got that guy out at first 🙂

Nice blog entry Kevin – its been fun watching you play in the big leagues this year. I was wondering if you were ever going to get to take a game off from being hit by a pitch! Looking forward to seeing you back at second base soon.

Hey Kevin,

It’s good to hear from you, cool blog. It was fun seeing get the call up, and I’m proud to tell my friends that finally someone from SJSU is playing for the SF Giants. We are also rooting for a Piedmont Hills and SJSU alumni moving up in the system, Anthony Contreras. Maybe you’ve played with him sometime during your long roadtrip. But anyway, I hope to see you playing for SF again soon, keep it the success.

Hi Kevin, I just moved to Medford Ore, from San Jose,through the veterans hospital. I was just wondering how feels to be a ping pong ball and with the parent club moving you around so much, how do you keep a place to live. It’s good for you in SJ not only means they plan on bringing you back soon, (you’re close by) and you have the talent to make the club. Are you stayin at your folks house there or got your own place ? Funny, I watched the ball park being built, had to drive by it every other day going into the city, and just when it opens, I have two heart attacks and the veteran’s send me up here to Oregon. Can’t afford SF or even SJ anymore. It’s nice up here tho, country if you know what I mean..anyhow, local hero makes good. Hope to see you back in the Linup at monster real quick. And wish you luck in dealing with the crowd around Barry. Wouldn’t it be cool if you were there to see him break the hammer’s record ? Mike Hinkes

Hey kevin I cant wait to see you play for my sf giants in the future and I send my best wishes to you and your duties at 2nd base

Yo K-Fran! First off my girlfriend loves you so you get that extra bonus as a Giant. Second off I think its awesome to see some young talent getting to come up and play. I hope we get to see you as an everyday player soon. I know your working your *** off to get here so keep up the good work! Shades of Robby Thompson??? I sure think so. Take it easy and see you at the yard.

Hey Kevin,

It was great reading your blog; it as also been great seeing you in Fresno. as i do so frequently, since im a huge fan of the grizzlies.

Im glad to see you finally got the call up this season, i told my buddies you would be called up this year.

You made quite the debut. If my prediction was right once, i have another prediction, you will be on the roster for opening day next year.

Hey Kevin,

It’s great to read all of your amazing experiences. The first time I had seen you play was on March 17th during spring training, and let’s just say I was blown away! I was excited to see you play during the regular season. Keep playing hard and hope to see you in a Giants uniform soon!


Hey Kevin,

Hey its amazing to see you blogging.Like Kellia I was at your Major League debut but ulike Keelia I was happily rooting for my favorite team in the world YOUR SAN FRANSISCO GIANTS.I am a huge fan of yours and I really hope you post blog entries very often.GIVE ME A SHOUTOUT ON YOUR NEXT POST.

Yay, one of my favorite players, haha.

Hi Kevin, I too was at your ML debut, and of course, was rootin’ for the Giants. But hey, I hope to see you back up with the Giants, neh? And hey, once you’re activated again give a shout or something, me and a whole bunch of other fans of yours’ll be there. Haha.



It is great seeing you get the call to the bigs. I am a huge Giant fan but live in Phoenix so I do not get to see a lot of the games. Although it was fun watching you play everyday in spring training. My wife just delivered our first baby and he will grow up being a huge Giant fan and a big fan of you. It is great to see the young guys still come out and bust their butt day in and day out. Keep up the hard work, can’t wait to see you in SF full time.

Erik Stone

Surprise, AZ

I wish you well in your career as a Giant.Even though we are from Hawaii, my family has always been Giants fans from as far back as my Great-Grandfather.I never made it but my dream is that one of my sons makes it to the Majors, as a Giant.Go getum brudda.And please say howzit to my fellow Hawaiian, Chad Santos.

Aloha No,









So glad to see you’re bloggin’. Our families have really enjoyed you grow and develop through the years and now to see you in the bigs this year. We really believe you will be a starter next year. We bought season tickets for next year because we have heard the Giants are going young and we believe you will be one of them. We know we will see you back up in the majors real soon.

Hey, Kevin! GREAT, GREAT going this year!!! We keep trying to see you, but you move too fast – missed you by a day in May in SF, Chris & I planned to catch you in Fresno in late May & you jumped back up (good going!), & we missed you by a day in LA in June. Gonna catch you yet though – week of Aug 7 in Fresno with my buddies OR if you skip out again we have Dodger/Giant tix for 8/11. Can’t wait to see you play, Kev. Know that the Pettit’s are all REALLY rooting for you. Mike, Sandy, Allie & Chris


Congrats on finally getting some time in the bigs. You’ll be back to stay in no time. If you get a chance, check out my first blog. I give you some love.

Enjoy the rest of the season and best of luck to you in the future.

You are a great player! Over the past year I have enjoyed seeing you in San Jose helping the “little” giants get that championship. We just saw you there a couple weeks ago. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done. My son is the biggest fan of yours. Dont worry, you will soon have a permanent home in San Francisco. Keep at it.


Alice and Jeff

I admire that you are not the biggest, strongest, or fastest guy out there but you get the job done and that is what counts. You play the game the right way and you play it hard, this will get you back to the bigs and keep you there.

Whats up man? This is Shane your batboy from the AZFL. Hows Costa Rica treatin you? haha! Well its been awesome to see you up with the big club this year! I know how hard you work and the effort u put in even when nobody’s watching your always working to improve your game! Hope all is well! I’m still using those bats eventhough I’m out right now with a torn pcl and sprained acl, but I’ll be back and playing in a little while! I might have a job with the Giants for the spring next year so hopefully I’ll see you out there! Awesome job this season man!!!!! great to see you in the show!

What a trip, from almost taking Barry’s head off to almost getting a chance to go to Dodger Stadium… ‘Ster it up out there…

Hey Kevin,
I really think you have alot of potential, if the giants don’t resign durham at the end of the year, i hope they just have you as the 2b and santos or ishikawa at first. Good luck to you in the future i get real excited when i see you play ,


Yo, Franny!

Matt?s Uncle Rob & Aunt Kim here. Excellent debut with the blog ? very insightful reading. It was great to chat with you when we were down in SD for the PAAAdre series over July 4th weekend. Did your mom mention that she invited us to sit with her and your pop during the last few innings of the Sunday game? Oh, man, was that a fun comeback win. (Brian Wilson?s mom was sitting right in front of us ?we were cheering like mad as her son notched his first big league save.)

I see where you?re rakin? the ball at a .300+ clip down in Frenso. South Bay Giants fans are rootin? for ya to keep it up, and we?re lookin? forward to seeing you back with the big club when the roster expands in September and the Giants race toward the NL West pennant.

Hit ?em where they ain?t, Kev!

Rob & Kim


I want to thank you for taking time with my son, Sam Mohr, when we were visiting Jim Bowie a few weeks ago. Everyday he asks how you did and we go online and check the box scores! You are a class act and we look forward to following you with the Giants soon! Please tell “Bo” thanks for everything!


Hey Kevin, I’m a new blogger and saw yours and got really excited because you are one of my favorite players. Your time with the Giants has been great and your stuff is awesome. You really have something good going for you at second base. I think you’re going to be starting a hole lot next year. I’d also like to say well done your very first outing at the S.F. yard I think you were 3 for 4 and batting about.300, that pretty awesome-for a rook! Anyways, hope to see you in our uni’s again really soon, I can tell you don’t just play the game as you career, but for the pure fun and love of the game!Go Giants!!!


I have had the priveledge of watching you play here in Fresno. It has sometimes been not very enjoyable to watch the Grizzlies play, but it has always been a joy to watch you play!! Best of luck the rest of the way. You’ll be back in the “bigs” before long.



I have been watching you play since SJSU, as I am a student there and go to MANY Spartan and SJ Giants games. Been awesome watching you develop. Even though I hoped, I never imagined that you would be up this quick! Keep it up! I have been watching, and will continue watching your career… Best of luck to you.


P.S. We miss you at Municipal Stadium

Hey Kevin it’s Natalee! It was nice meeting you at the Giants and A’s wives game. Even though you have been back and forth alot this season, you are definately one of my favorite players. I’m a huge Giants fan. Probably the biggest in my family. They think I’m wierd because I won’t miss one Giants game. My dad appreciates it though. We talk baseball alot. Anyway, I enjoyed reading about your first time experiences in the big leagues. I’m also enjoying watching you grow as a player on the Giants and eventually a starter 2nd baseman. You definately bring alot of excitement and energy to the team. Just to let you know, I like the number 19 better when you wear it because it is out on the field getting some action, when before it was just sitting in the dugout the whole game. But don’t get me wrong, Dave Righetti is much appreciated in my family. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you soon.

Hey Kevin It’s Jake. Im from Visalia,CA which is just a little ways away from Fresno. Its an honor seeing you play. Your an amazing ballplayer and I wish you the best of luck.

Hi Kevin my name is Patty and I am a Giants fan big time and I have to say that seeing your big day and watching your family get so excited was the absolute best. My family misses me from April through October because I love the game and I do not miss a game. I see Big Big things to come for you, hang in there kid you defintely have talent.

Hey Kevin, I’ve been a long time Giants fan and I have to say I’m very glad to see some rookies like yourself getting a shot in the club. We’ve heard for a long time about Pedro Feliz and we’re finally getting to see him play full time. Likewise I’m very glad to see you getting some time in the big club.

We’re rooting for you out there, keep up the good work.

I was wondering about how you prepare mentally when you know you’ll be facing a potential HoF type pitcher being a rookie. Does it weigh on you or are you able to shrug it off? Also, how do the players get along in the club? We can see what the press says but I honestly can’t think that they are getting the whole picture. From an insider view how do the guys treat you and each other? Any funny rookie jokes?

Good luck out there.

Hey Kevin, I just want to say thay I am a BIG Giants fan for over 35 years. But I am alo a big Frandsen fan as my Daughter AnnaMarie is Married to your cousin Joe Frandsen (son of Tim Frandsen), we met yrs ago when you were still in High school and I have been keeping up with your play ever since. I just want to say that you are great and keep up the great work, you are going to be a great ball player in a few years. Just learn all you can and improve as fast as you can. Good Luck young man. We wish you all the best

Hey Kevin, I wanted to say that you are doing a **** of a jog. Going back and forth must be tough, but I believe that you are going to be a started one day soon. We were in Maui, when you had your 4 for 4 day. My brother Scott Dawson, said that he believes in you and so now my husband and I are too! Good luck and see you in bigs for good soon!

Kevin: Keep up the good work in the heat over in Fresno. You won’t have to worry about it when you are starting for the Giants in SF. Do the fans in Fresno remember that you played for San Jose State? I miss the good times we had at SJSU games and your parent’s great barbecues.

Bob Wilson

Yo Kevin,
It’s cool to see you back up! Everytime I watch the Giants you look stoked to be there (obviously) but it seems like your positive energy helps the team come together. Who knew Ray D. would be having a career year ( But hey that’s been real fun to watch too) , I’m looking forward to you guys making a run for it in september so keep it up man! The new Robby Thompson. Big up.

S.C. Giants FAN

Hey kevin,
It has been really fun this season getting to watch you play both in Fresno(I go to a lot of Grizzlies games) and in San Francisco. Congratulations on your first big league homerun today(8/17)! Keep up the hard work wherever you play. Hopefully this stint with the Giants will last through the end of the season. Good Luck.


hey Kevin,

This is Karen from Booksin. Just wanted you to know how proud we all are of you regarding your continuing success with the Giants. It was great running into you at Safeway a couple of months back. Good luck tonight against the dodgers and best of luck with your baseball career, you deserve it! Congrats also on your first homerun!! PS saw your folk’s at Jenna’s ASU graduation, tell them karen and family say hi.

hey just heard about the broken jaw. hope its all good. congrats on your first hr. im watchin the giants come back from 10-0. its now 10-6. hope we can do it all. good luck with the year. Alec

so my mom goesd to work with your girklfriends mom and kathy is going to show me pictures of you two so message me back please. umm i really have heard alot about you and i really wanna get to meetyou. and when my mom first told me that you were in contact with kathy i was like the first thing i said was “i wanna meet him mom!!!” so well love yours truly

giantsbecca. o yeah your my best friends cousins favorite player!

K-Fran –

The Durk’s Uncle Rob here again. Congrats on winning the AFL player of the week award! That 5-5 performance (w/ a dinger & 4 ribbies) last Monday was suh-weet – here’s to your scorching fall campaign down in the desert carrying over to Spring Training. We’ll be down there again in mid-March, rooting you on.

Oh, and thanks for the Schmidty ball!

Rob (of Rob & Kim)


I’ve always been a huge Giants fan and just wanted to say WELCOME back! I look forward to this season and seeing a hottie like you on the field! Woot! Woot!

Kevin: I did not know about you until the voice of the Dodgers (thurs) told me you grew up in Los Gatos. I delivered eggs from our home in LG (in-city farm) during WWII, and lived near the Balzers at one time. I need a favour from you-want you to send something to an ex-LG resident fan who is suffering and needs a boost. I will cover the costs. If you have another email address please forward it to me. I would then send you some really interesting stories about ball in LG when I was the announcer (age 13-15)at the old ball field behind the High School.
“Turkey Legs” Harris, and the “Farmer” were interesting, as was the donations for John Martin, who pitched for the barnstorming team: Benny’s Meat Market. (Under Mountain Charly’s) Please let me know. I do not want to use the blog unless I have to. Best, of luck, and enjoy the scent of the grass, as I always did.Paul Tietzen, LGHS 1952, Edmonton, Alberta.

I have really enjoyed watching you play for the Giants. In fact I post your pics in the computer lab at the school where I work. I know everyone in the family is very proud of what you have accomplished. Hang in there!

Ask Klesko to go into the dugout in better spirits as the camera shows him always throwing things. Doesn’t look that good on TV for the kids.

Suzanne Beachy

(Kyle and Tyler’s Grandmother)

Good morning Kevin. Its me the Shadow. Remember the driver from the 2005 season with the SJ Giants. My wife and I are so proud to be a part of your fan base. I see the Mr. Lenny and the SJ Giants have again twarted the Storm once again. And I see that Travis smacked one. Hey we must stay in touch. We are hoping to make it up to SF for the seasons ending games. Will keep you informed. Please say hello to the 2005 alumni guys for me. Ellie, Guermo, and Nate. Continue to grow and succeed. Its now time to Start the Bus.
Terry ” the Shadow ” Traylor

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